Coffee with Clients

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This image showed up today in my facebook feed and immediately caught my attention. As I reflect on it, I realize just how fitting it still is, as I’ve always loved this, even 10 years later… it still couldn’t be more true. I had just gotten back from yet another awe-inspiring visit with clients post move-in to a senior living community.

It was an exceptionally great visit, with a cup of coffee in hand, cookies sitting on a plate beside me, (yes, I did have one) sitting in a gorgeous, two-bedroom apartment with two amazing clients that I met almost two years ago when they still lived in their lake house, not quite ready for a move. We had been planning to meet so they can share all the details with me about their senior living community. After finding time in both of our very busy schedules, today was the day and I’m so glad it was.

Taking a good 6 months to really make it home, now the president of the resident council committee, truly inspired to advocate for others in the community – it didn’t surprise me a bit. Showing me around, I see their amazing collective pieces that have been brought from their home. So much history, inspiring taste and decorative pieces, that if the decor could talk, it would have amazing stories to tell, from all over the world. Discussing the good, the great and the not so good (concerns) about their lovely community, they share. They are honest, humble and completely wonderful humans.

The feedback clients give me after they move into a community is so instrumental in what I do and how I use it as a tool to elevate my clients experience. It also helps pave the way for future clients who I’ll meet down the road, ultimately serving with enhanced placement outcomes. I’m very fortunate to have such amazing clients who allow me to ask questions, keep me in the loop and share their stories with me. I am very honored to say the least.

I have to wonder if the community has any idea how fortunate they are to have these clients reside with them. They look after other residents, they provide support during turbulent times and boy do they know how to decorate. I’m not even kidding, I asked them if I could hire them. 🙂 They purchased new custom closets in their two-bedroom apartment, their place literally looks like it is out of a catalog. These clients…. you know who you are… even shed some great nuggets to me as a business owner. Getting leadership nuggets from someone who has created a successful multi-million dollar worldwide company, with four partners who remain great friends today, tells it all!! Leadership folks, is about integrity, it’s about living by example and being a sponge when you are in a room with successful people. Trust me, I was all ears… and they are as humble as you will find.

Our conversation ranged from many topics, but I must say.. it is always so profound how much we can learn when we take the time to listen and learn from those who paved the way before us. This couple did my heart so good and I appreciate them so much! Sometimes paving the way is the best way… thank you, G and M so much for asking me to visit today and the insight you provided to me. These moments with clients are very special moments, the moments that bring such a gratifying experience as I continue throughout this journey!! They inspire me and warm my heart. I enjoyed every minute of it thoroughly. After a 3 hour visit, I figured I didn’t want to wear out my welcome, so we said our goodbyes until next time.