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Senior Living Communities

* Independent Living
* Residential Care Home
* Assisted Living
* Respite
* Memory Care

Senior Care Advisors

We refer seniors and their families, that are in your area, to your Senior Care Advisory services, and you do the same with qualified seniors in our area so everyone benefits.

Senior Living Resources

* Adult Day Care
* Down Sizing / Moving Companies
* Medicaid Resources
* Home Care / Hospice Providers
* Elder Law Attorneys

How Partnering with us Benefits Your Business

By teaming up with us, you will gain access and be listed in our vast network of senior services directory, nationwide. Illuminate Senior Services has created an avenue to help seniors and their families, healthcare providers and advocates find trusted local resources all in one place. We offer a platform of trusted providers, with up-to-date profiles, service lines, valuable information, and insight to ensure our seniors are connected to trusted partners in a timely, efficient manner. You will be able to focus your efforts on serving the needs of seniors while we simplify the process in connecting actively seeking seniors, caregivers, discharge planners, and resources to the exact services you offer. Partner with us to showcase your unique services by completing a profile today!

Let’s bring all senior living resources together, helping one senior at a time.
Senior Placement Made Simple!

“I’ve known the owner, Missy, professionally for about 3 years now. As a social worker, I’ve worked with many placement agencies over the years- some were good, some not so good, and many were just decent. Missy is the absolute cream of the crop. She is kind, caring, compassionate and empathetic. She treats the families and individuals she works with as her own, and she is completely invested in wanting to find them the perfect community to suit their needs. She is truly so passionate about her work, and it reflects in all she does! I solely refer to her now, because I know that all of my families are in the best hands if she’s involved. If I needed placement services for my own mother, Missy would be my first call.”

-Jasmine Sanders
Social Worker

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Missy first in the senior living industry and now as a Realtor specializing in serving seniors she has consistently proven her professionalism over the years. When we first met and she shared with me her vision for starting Illuminate Senior Services, it was evident her passion for helping seniors and their families and her knowledge of the industry would be an invaluable asset to her clients! I would not hesitate to recommend her services to those who are looking for a senior living community.

She is truly the real deal and one of the best senior advisors in this industry!”

Signature Integrity Properties LLC

Why Seniors & Their Families Choose Us

“Doing a search on senior living near me was incredibly overwhelming. Missy came highly recommended by a friend of a friend. With a half hour phone call she had already narrowed down the options to a manageable starting point. She walked with us every step of the process even handling the small details that I could have done on my own but it was so nice not to have to. She was very responsive and was such a tremendous resource. I can’t thank her enough and I can’t recommend her highly enough!”

-Patty Shrider

“Missy has been invaluable in helping me to navigate through the world of Senior Living. Her insight to understand what is needed when I did not know what questions to ask or what was needed. Prior to meeting Missy I felt all alone on a journey that led me no where. I was relentlessly walking around in circles, seeking help from individuals, making phone calls and yet not getting anywhere. It was as if I was in a room with a closed door, searching around needing help but not knowing where to look and no light switch to even turn on…just darkness. Until I met Missy and a light switch appeared and when I flipped the switch that’s when I found the light of HOPE…so refreshing! Her ability to provide information and her knowledge of Senior Living answered questions I didn’t need to ask because she touched on everything I needed and wanted to know. I was able to see clearer as I was put on a path in the right direction to an expected end…a new home for my mother that meets all of her needs.”

-Barbara Jackson

““Where do I begin?” — The toughest part of helping your parents make such a difficult decision to transition to assisted living is getting started. I called Illuminate Senior Services and was so thankful to be connected with Missy Krugh. Throughout the entire process, she helped steer me in the right direction while personalizing all guidance to assure it was the right fit for my mother. Missy definitely treats each case individually as everyone is different and has varying needs. There are so many questions and things to consider when making such a life impacting change and Missy was able to professionally and empathetically lead me through it. I absolutely could not have done it without her!”

-Angela Walker

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Do you offer Senior Living Resources?

Senior living resources refer to a wide range of information, tools, and services that help seniors and their families navigate the aging process, from planning for retirement to finding suitable housing options and accessing healthcare and other support services. These resources can include government programs, non-profit organizations, online databases, and professional advisors, such as financial planners, elder law attorneys and local senior care advisors. All local in your area.

Adult Day Care
Area Agency on Aging
Assisted Living Communities
Down-sizing / Organizing
Elder Law Attorneys
Financial Planners
Handyman Services
Home Health (Therapy Services)
Hospice Companies / Palliative Care
Long Term Care
Medicaid Resources
Moving Companies
Nursing Center with Memory Care

Private Duty in Home Care
Rehabilitation Hospitals
Respite Care
Senior Socializing Centers
Senior Support Groups
Elder Law Attorneys
Financial Planners
Realtor for Transitioning from Home
Visiting Physicians
Medical Alert
Skilled Nursing Facility

Do you operate a Senior Living Community?

Senior living communities are residential complexes designed for older adults who may require assistance with activities of daily living or who wish to live independently in a community with their peers. These communities offer a variety of services and amenities, including specialized care plans, meals, transportation, and social activities, tailored to meet the unique needs and interests of older adults.

Independent Living Communities
Residential Care Home for the Elderly
Villas or Cottages for Seniors
Assisted Living Facilities
Memory Care Facilities
55 plus Communities
Respite Care Facilities
Life Care Communities

Are You a Senior Care Advisor?

We want to connect you to seniors who need your expert guidance.

Working together, we can serve our seniors and their families who are seeking the very best community for their loved ones, nationwide. When a senior or their family doesn’t know where to start, as you all know, this is where you start!

Senior advisors who do it right, are in the know! We can bring so much value and insight to families when navigating the next chapter and transitioning to a senior living community. Senior care advisors provide valuable resources in addition to placement to ensure we save families so much time and frustration. The reason for this platform is near and dear to my heart. If you haven’t guessed it, I am a senior care advisor which is why this Nationwide Referral Database was born. Anything we can do to simplify the journey for a senior and their family is what it is all about. Working with exceptional senior care advisors over the last few years, I knew we needed the ability to connect from state to state. We know our local communities, we know the leadership in the buildings, we understand the care levels, the costs, and the importance of pre-qualifying families to save our seniors valuable time amid such a daunting decision.

We become their family advocate when the family is exhausted and not sure what to do next. Our job is to connect them and look out for them. This is a mission in my life and it’s important for Illuminate to only partner with the very BEST senior care advisors across the U.S. The goal is to partner with advisors that are committed to quality, integrity, and service to our seniors. The whole reason for this Nationwide database of trusted local resources and partners is to ensure we are elevating our senior living industry to the next level. We are paving the way for seniors to find trusted resources they can count on, learn about the services offered, compare costs, search service areas, and read customer reviews, etc. Be sure to complete a company profile so seniors and other healthcare advocates in your area can find your services easily.

It is important that families are referred to senior advisors that are deeply familiar with their local area, who know how to quickly assess and assist when it’s needed most.